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The Albuquerque Police Department Fleet Crash Review Board determined that the shooting incident involving APD Police Chief Harold Medina, which led to a subsequent crash, was deemed “non-preventable.” This decision came under scrutiny during a city council meeting where councilors posed questions regarding the review process. The city also invited the New Mexico State Police to review the incident, but the NMSP declined to undertake this task. The incident unfolded when Chief Medina, witnessing a physical altercation, found himself in imminent danger, prompting him to accelerate his vehicle and collide with another vehicle driven by Todd Perchert. Questions were raised during the meeting regarding the preventability of the crash, with some councilors emphasizing the potential for police intervention to avert the incident.

Shaun Willoughby, President of the Albuquerque Police Officers’ Association, defended Chief Medina’s actions, highlighting the rapid decision-making required in such dangerous situations. Willoughby argued that given the circumstances, the chief’s response was justified and reflected the split-second nature of law enforcement encounters. The review process and transparency of information dissemination were also scrutinized, with Willoughby expressing frustration over the perceived lack of trust in the department’s ability to conduct an internal investigation, especially in light of ongoing oversight and compliance efforts. As the story continues to evolve, various stakeholders are seeking accountability and transparency in the handling of this complex incident.

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