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7 Common Oilfield Injuries

The oil and gas industry has one of the highest oilfield injury rates in the country and our oil field lawyers want to discuss the most common on-the-job oilfield injuries. The oil and gas industry in Texas and New Mexico has been a gift to the economy. It helps many residents earn money and secure a future for themselves and...

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Common New Mexico Work-Related Injuries

There are infinite possible work-related injuries; ultimately, different industries and job types will be prone to inevitable accidents and injuries. For example, the most common type of work-related accident for a commercial trucking company will likely be motor vehicle collisions and the typical injuries that come along with car wrecks, including whiplash, head trauma, and broken bones. Whether the...

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| Read Time: 4 minutes | Oil Field Injuries

What Are the Symptoms of Chemical Exposure in the Texas Oil Industry?

If you or a loved one works in the Texas oil industry, you may be concerned about the symptoms and effects of chemical exposure. If you suddenly find yourself sick or experience adverse effects attributed to your job, you may be wondering about your options for a chemical exposure lawsuit. These cases are often complicated and complex for several...

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Can I Sue for Lost Wages After a Car Accident in New Mexico?

A car accident can result in injuries that leave you unable to work for weeks, months, or longer. If you are disabled because of your injuries, you may experience a diminished or lost earning capacity. Going without pay for any amount of time can be stressful and cause a significant financial burden If a car accident prevents you from returning to...

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| Read Time: 3 minutes | Glossary

What Does Deadhead Mean in Trucking?—Trucking Resource Library

If you’re new to the trucking industry, you might’ve heard the term deadheading trucking. What does deadhead mean in trucking? This term refers to a truck that has an empty trailer. What Is Deadheading in Trucking? Deadheading in trucking refers to the practice of driving a cargo-carrying truck (semi-truck) with an attached but empty trailer. This occurs when a...

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| Read Time: 6 minutes | Personal Injury

New Mexico Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Insurance Law

New Mexico also requires that insurance companies offer their clients uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance, also known as “UM/UIM” coverage. This insurance steps in and will cover damages caused when someone else is at fault but, for whatever reason, doesn’t carry sufficient liability insurance. Based on a 2021 study from the Insurance Information Institute, an estimated 21.8% of drivers in New...

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| Read Time: 3 minutes | Personal Injury

Can You Sue a Deceased Person’s Estate?

When a negligent party injures you, you could have the legal right to pursue a personal injury claim. However, what happens if the responsible party passes away before you can file a claim? Can you sue a deceased person?  Claims involving a deceased defendant can be rather complicated. If you have questions on pursuing a claim when the defendant...

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| Read Time: 4 minutes | Car Accidents

Average Settlement for Back Injuries After a Car Accident in New Mexico

Back and neck pain can be debilitating. If you sustained neck or back injuries from a car accident caused by another driver’s negligent behavior, you may be entitled to compensation. Neck and back pain are often soft tissue injuries, but they can be some of the most painful injuries to cope with and can lead to life-long issues.  The...

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| Read Time: 4 minutes | Accident Reports

How to Obtain a Car Accident Report in Carlsbad

If your accident occurred in Carlsbad, New Mexico, there are several ways you can request your report, including online, by mail, or in person. Car accidents, whether minor fender-benders or major collisions, can be a stressful and overwhelming experience for everyone. If you’re injured and plan to pursue a personal injury claim, securing the official accident report is essential....

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| Read Time: 4 minutes | Truck Accidents

What Does a Truck Accident Lawyer Do?

Commercial trucks are responsible for many catastrophic highway and road accidents. Due to the weight and size of commercial trucks, a collision often results in devastating injuries that forever change the lives of those involved. If you suffered injuries in a truck accident, you might be curious about how a truck accident lawyer can help. Today, we will discuss...

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