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My name is Alejandro Acosta – I am an El Paso personal injury attorney. I wrote this post to be a resource for folks who need to hire an injury attorney but don’t know anyone personally who can make a referral. Toward that end, below you will find a list of 7 personal injury lawyers who I personally endorse.

El Paso personal injury lawyers

Being the victim of an incident, like a car crash, can be traumatic and devastating. Your life may seem like it is in ruins. Bills will start to pile up, and your household income will decrease if you have to take time off work to heal from your injuries.

But did you know you may be entitled to compensation?

Contact a personal injury attorney if you’ve been injured in an incident or a loved one has died.

Injury law is a complex field of law. A personal injury lawyer can review the facts and decide on the best strategy to protect your legal rights.

What Is Injury Law?

Injury law, or personal injury law, is a legal field that applies when another person, business, or organization harms you. Under personal injury law, victims can bring a legal claim for damages against the party who harmed them.

The injury law aims to allow victims to recoup compensation to make them whole again. If successful, the party at fault for the incident pays the compensation.

Why Do We Connect You To Other Personal Injury Lawyers?

At Tawney, Acosta & Chaparro P.C., we want to help you even if we don’t represent you. As much as we would like, we cannot represent every client that contacts us. Sometimes a representation is not logistically possible. But we still care about what happens to you and your family. We won’t close the door on you. 

So we’ve compiled this list of other top personal injury lawyers in El Paso. We want to help you get the compensation and justice you deserve. If, for some reason, we can’t help you, we invite you to check out this list of experienced injury lawyers who may be able to assist you.

The lawyers on this list have had at least 1-2 decades of experience or won prestigious awards. Every lawyer has positive rewards on Google (4.5+ stars).

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7 of the Best El Paso Personal Injury Attorneys

1. Tawney, Acosta & Chaparro P.C.

Our El Paso personal injury lawyers at Tawney, Acosta & Chaparro P.C. will fight to get you the highest possible compensation for your client. They have experience in negotiating with big insurance companies and are prepared to take your case to court.

We believe you shouldn’t have to pay for the mistakes of others. If someone wronged you or your family, which leads to an injury or death, we believe in holding that party accountable. Responsibility must be maintained.

At Tawney, Acosta & Chaparro P.C., we believe in the honor and dignity of all our clients. We will eagerly work with insurance companies and opposing parties to get you the money you need to rebuild your life.

We have offices in both Texas and New Mexico. Contact us for a no-obligation case review.


The attorneys at Glasheen, Valles, and Inderman handle various injury cases, including truck accidents and wrongful death claims. The legal team at GVI LAW has an extensive presence in the El Paso area, including well-connected networks and substantial resources.

Its resources include a company airplane to ensure its attorneys and staff can meet clients quickly and make court deadlines promptly. GVI LAW also has high-tech devices available to utilize in evidence presentation.

Readers of The City Magazine have twice voted GVI LAW as the Best Law Firm in El Paso. GVI Law’s experienced attorneys are licensed to practice in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arizona, and Colorado. GVI LAW offers a free consultation to all prospective clients, so there is no risk in seeing how GVI LAW’s seasoned attorneys can help you.

3. Harmonson Law Firm

The motto of the Harmonson Law Firm is “Keeping You First.” The knowledgeable legal team at Harmonson Law Firm has a positive reputation for handling personal injury cases. It’s all they do.

Clark Harmonson has a unique background. Before fighting for the rights of individual personal injury victims, he worked defending insurance companies in personal injury claims. Because of this, he has a unique insight into the claims process and the strategies that the defense will use to keep from paying you a fair settlement.

In other words, he knows how the other side operates, and he is intimately familiar with their tricks and evasive tactics. Clark and the Harmonson Law Firm’s legal team use this experience to their advantage when negotiating with insurance companies and fighting them in court.

The Harmonson Law Firm offers a free case evaluation where their kind and respectful lawyers explain how they can help you recover and get past this difficult time.

4. Ruhmann Law Firm

The Ruhmann Law Firm prides itself in putting people in the El Paso community first. In fact, Charles Julius Ruhmann, IV, enjoys a great reputation throughout Southern New Mexico and West Texas—where he is known as a strong advocate for people who have suffered a personal injury, employment discrimination, or a workplace accident.

This is a team of aggressive and compassionate advocates who represent their clients from filing a personal injury claim until the case reaches a settlement or a verdict. The Ruhmann Law Firm offers prospective clients free consultations and flexible meeting times, including after-hour and weekend meetings.

5. Zinda Law Group

Zinda Law Group is a personal injury law firm with attorneys licensed in more than 12 different states. Trial lawyer Jack Zinda founded the firm 15 years ago. He now leads a team of experienced attorneys motivated by helping injured people get the justice they deserve.

The Zinda Law Group has many attorneys who have been recognized for their contribution to the legal field and prominence in the personal injury field, including the following:

  • Jack Zinda—Top 40 Under 40; Texas Rising Star; and “Superb” rating from Super Lawyers;
  • Joseph Caputo—Top 40 Under 40 and Texas Rising Star;
  • Burgess Williams—Client’s Choice Award, Texas Rising Star, Top 40 Under 40, and Top 100 Civil Plaintiff Personal Injury Lawyers

Zinda Law Group offers free consultations to new clients.

6. Cesar Ornelas Injury Law

Cesar Ornelas Injury Law understands that when individuals are injured due to the negligence or intentional acts of another, they have a lot on their mind. It is a stressful situation.

So the attorneys at Cesar Ornelas Injury Law will walk you through the entire legal process of a personal injury claim and handle everything for you. They aim to have you focus on your recovery and family while they fight to get the compensation you need to put your life back together.

Cesar Ornelas Injury Law offers free consultations, and because they operate on a contingency fee basis, you don’t pay anything unless you win your case.

7. Law Offices of Michael J. Gopin, PLLC

The Law Offices of Michael J. Gopin, PLLC, has been operating in El Paso for over 30 years. It has in-depth knowledge and extensive experience dealing with ruthless insurance companies and defense attorneys.

Their legal team strives to go the extra mile for their clients, even connecting them with potential medical providers if they need assistance finding treatment. The lawyers at Law Offices of Michael J. Gopin, PLLC, are available at any time to meet with their clients.

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Never try to handle a personal injury case alone. Insurance companies will take advantage of your lack of experience in such matters. They routinely use scare tactics to convince you to accept a low settlement.

Defense lawyers will take your case apart piece by piece and try to attack it. They will try to argue that you have no case. And if you don’t know how to effectively fight back, they just might win.

Do not try to do it by yourself. Contact qualified personal injury lawyers in El Paso, like one of our experienced and dedicated attorneys. They will protect your legal rights and fight to get you the compensation you need to get back on the road to recovery.

Contact Tawney, Acosta & Chaparro P.C. for a free consultation on your injury claim.