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when to hire a personal injury lawyer

If you sustain injuries from an accident, the question inevitably arises: do I need to hire a personal injury attorney?

In accidents with minor or no injuries and minimal property damage, you may be able to handle the claim on your own.

However, if:

  • Someone suffers serious injuries,
  • There is significant property damage, or
  • A lawsuit is mentioned in any way,

it is critical that you hire a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Read on to know when to hire a personal injury lawyer.

Situations Where You Need to Hire an Attorney

There are certain situations where it is imperative to hire a personal injury attorney. Complex legal processes, significant sums of money, and lifelong needs all necessitate a lawyer. An experienced lawyer knows how the system works and the best arguments to protect your claims.

Long-Term or Lifelong Disability

The first situation is when an accident causes you long-term or lifelong disability.

A lawyer is able to properly calculate:

  • What your case is worth,
  • How it will impact your ability to work, and
  • How much it may cost you in future medical expenses.

Severe Injuries

The second situation is when you suffer severe injuries as a result of the accident.

Physical, emotional, and psychological trauma from severe injuries can impact you for years, and properly calculating compensatory and non-compensatory damages can only be done by an expert. In addition, insurance policies limits may not cover the total cost of the injuries, which necessitates preparation for a trial.

Multiple Parties Involved

The third situation is when a serious accident involves multiple parties.

Having a personal injury lawyer defend your case may mitigate how much the court reduces your compensation for culpability. Both New Mexico and Texas personal injury cases operate on a pure negligence basis, which could reduce your overall damages award significantly if you don’t have a lawyer representing you in court.

Unfair Insurance Company

The final situation is when an insurance company operates in bad faith or refuses to pay you for your claims.

If you have attempted to negotiate with the insurance companies and talks have broken down or if the insurers outright refuse to pay out for your case, hiring a personal injury lawyer is crucial for the survival of your claims.

Insurance Companies Do Not Have Your Best Interests at Heart

It is important to remember that the main purpose of the insurance companies after an accident is to settle the claim for as little money as possible and as quickly as possible.

Even your own insurance company may not have your best interests at heart, and they may try and settle in bad faith, offering you far less money than what your claim is owed.

An experienced personal injury attorney can prevent you from making statements against your best interest to the insurers as well as serve as a buffer between you and them. Once you hire an attorney, all communication and requests must go through the lawyer before they get to you. This allows the lawyer to negotiate on your behalf with the insurance companies while you focus on your recovery.

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