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The Albuquerque Police Department’s Fleet Crash Review Board, comprised of four officers and a civilian, has determined that Police Chief Harold Medina’s February 17 accident was “non-preventable,” a decision that drew scrutiny from city councilors during a recent council meeting. Medina was involved in a collision after running a red light in his unmarked department truck while responding to a nearby shooting incident. Despite Medina’s assertion that he was avoiding gunfire and acted in the interest of safety, surveillance footage contradicts his account, revealing reckless driving that resulted in severe injuries to the driver of the other vehicle, Todd Perchert. Perchert suffered significant injuries, including broken bones and lacerations, and was hospitalized for almost a week.

Criticism of Medina’s handling of the incident has extended beyond the crash itself, with questions raised about his decision-making, including having his wife in the vehicle, failing to activate emergency equipment, and not promptly turning on his body camera. The city council’s efforts to seek an independent investigation have faced opposition, highlighting concerns about potential biases within internal review processes. Despite calls for greater transparency and accountability, including inquiries from Perchert’s attorney, the full extent of the incident’s repercussions remains uncertain pending ongoing internal and potential external investigations.

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