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While traveling on I-40 or I-25, there is always a risk of being struck by a semi-truck.

Many different types of accidents may occur due to poor maintenance, driver negligence, and truck malfunctions.

Whatever the case may be, our New Mexico truck accident attorneys are here to help you pursue the compensation you need to recover.

Here are five of the most common types of truck accidents and what causes them.

1. Jackknifing

One of the most common causes of a New Mexico truck accident is jackknifing. This occurs when the trailer of the truck swings out, creating an angle between the cab and the trailer.

There are several reasons this may happen. However, it’s often due to speeding, braking too fast, or slippery roads.

Since the momentum of the trailer works against the traction of the cab, this situation usually results in a crash.

2. Underriding

Perhaps the most dangerous type of semi-truck accident in New Mexico, underriding happens when a smaller vehicle gets stuck under the trailer of the truck from the rear.

Unfortunately, these accidents present extreme danger to most motorists and frequently result in death.

While it typically occurs when the truck stops suddenly, underriding may also happen when a truck switches lanes without looking.

3. Load Spills

Sometimes, workers load and secure cargo on a truck improperly. The consequences are devastating, especially if the load spills on a busy highway.

In fact, a New Mexico I-40 truck accident commonly involves some sort of spilled load or cargo shift.

Whether it’s retail products, building materials, or hazardous chemicals, loose cargo becomes dangerous road debris once it falls off the truck. 

4. Wide Turns

To make a right-hand turn, many large trucks need to move left to create enough space to turn.

If the truck driver forgets to signal that they’re turning right, you might try to pass them in the right lane, unaware they are about to attempt a turn.

As a result, you get squeezed between the side of the road and the turning truck, leading to a New Mexico semi-truck accident.

However, you may also decide to pass on the left and accidentally get bumped by the truck as it moves left to initiate the turn. These collisions happen often, especially on narrow city streets with lots of construction.


While the driver of the truck isn’t always the negligent party in a New Mexico truck accident, they sometimes directly cause a collision.

Truck driver negligence comes in a variety of forms, including driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, falling asleep at the wheel, texting, speeding, inexperience, and more.

This is why motor carriers must have rigorous training requirements and follow federal regulations regarding driver qualifications.

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