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Accidents can cause significant physical, emotional, and financial damage. Unsurprisingly, an accident can lead to some of the worst times in a person’s life. Injured parties deserve compensation for these damages. They typically would like a trusted accident lawyer to help them through the process. 

If you were in an accident, it might be helpful to know that some great accident lawyers are available to help you. For instance, if you need a great injury attorney in New Mexico or west Texas, Tawney, Acosta & Chaparro P.C., can help.

We understand how devastating an accident can be and strive to get our clients the justice and compensation they deserve. We pride ourselves on being one of the best accident law firms in the southwest. 

Because we are passionate about the rights of accident victims, we wanted to provide you with some of the best tactics to find a high-quality accident lawyer near you. This way, you can rest assured knowing you picked the right lawyer when proceeding with your legal claim. 

What Is an Accident Lawyer? 

People often refer to personal injury attorneys and accident lawyers interchangeably and correctly so. A personal injury attorney is a licensed attorney representing those injured due to another person’s or entity’s negligence.

Usually, the entity’s negligence causes some sort of accident. The victim experiences physical or emotional harm due to the accident. 

Accident lawyers can represent their clients in a wide variety of accident cases. Some of the most common accident cases include: 

One of the primary roles of an accident lawyer is to help the victim get compensation for any losses they incurred due to the accident.

This compensation comes in the form of damages, which the injured person can seek through a lawsuit against the at-fault party. An accident lawyer can provide legal guidance and help clients understand their legal rights and responsibilities. 

The Top 7 Tactics for How to Find a Good Personal Injury Lawyer  

Below are seven ways to find the best accident lawyer near you. We’ve compiled this list of tactics based on our experience practicing personal injury law.

  1. Ask For Referrals 

Given how common accidents are, it is likely that one of your friends, family members, or coworkers has needed an accident attorney.

If they had a good experience with their accident attorney, this could be a great starting place when looking for your own lawyer.

However, we do not recommend choosing your lawyer based on a referral alone. You should still research the attorney and make sure they are qualified to help you in your unique situation. 

  1. Research Online 

Online research is critical when picking an accident attorney. You can use a search engine to look for lawyers who have experience in personal injury law and who specialize in handling cases that are similar to yours.

For example, if you were injured in a truck accident, you can search for a truck accident attorney near you. 

In addition to doing general research, you can check out websites that list distinguished lawyers, like Super Lawyers. Super Lawyers recognizes attorneys in the top 5% of their profession.

For example, our partner James Tawney is named as Super Lawyers in recognition of his work. Specialty websites like this will allow you to search for the top-rated lawyers in your geographic area. 

  1. Read a Lawyer’s Online Reviews 

A lawyer’s online reviews can be helpful when searching for a personal injury attorney. They provide valuable insight from previous clients.

These client reviews can give you an idea of what it is like to work with that attorney. For example, our website has many client testimonials so that you can know exactly what you are getting into if you choose us to represent you in your legal matter.

If a lawyer or law firm has few or no reviews, that may be a red flag when picking your accident attorney. 

  1. Look for a Good Communicator 

The best personal injury lawyers are great communicators. Your lawyer should be able to help you understand the relevant laws, and they should keep you informed throughout your legal proceedings.

When speaking with your lawyer, you should feel like your lawyer is listening to you and adequately responding to your questions. You can determine whether an attorney is a clear communicator if you schedule a consultation or speak with them on the phone.

  1. Look into a Lawyer’s Experience 

Every reputable lawyer should list their practice areas and specialties on their website. When searching for an attorney, you will want to ensure that your case falls within one of your potential lawyer’s areas of expertise.

At Tawney, Acosta & Chaparro P.C., we describe some of our practice areas online so you can know if we’ve handled cases like yours. 

  1. Schedule a Consultation 

Once you have picked out a few potential lawyers, it is a good idea to schedule a consultation with each of them. During your initial consultation, you can ask questions about your case, get a feel for what the lawyer is like, and make sure that they are knowledgeable about the relevant laws.

Many accident lawyers offer free consultations if you are worried about the cost of consulting with an attorney. For example, our office offers free case evaluations to all potential clients. 

  1. Consider a Lawyer’s Fees 

It is always important to understand how an attorney will expect you to pay their fees before hiring an attorney. At Tawney, Acosta & Chaparro P.C., we work on a contingent basis which means you don’t pay us unless you recover compensation from your case.

We work in this way so that we can be an affordable and accessible option for accident victims. 

Don’t Miss Out, Work With The Best Accident Attorney You Can – Call Today

If you are searching for an accident attorney to represent you in your accident case, we want you to know that Tawney, Acosta & Chaparro P.C. is here for you.

Our lawyers are serious about fighting personal injury matters, and we give each of our clients the highest quality representation. 

Our award-winning attorneys have experience in many types of accident cases, including trucking accidents, wrongful death cases, and oil field accidents.

We will fight to get you the justice and compensation you deserve. To schedule a free consultation, you can contact us online or call us at 855-934-0440. There are important legal deadlines in every case, so don’t delay.

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