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Injuries from car accidents can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars’ worth of medical expenses, lost wages, and other similar financial costs. Auto insurance policies are designed to help innocent motorists injured through another driver’s careless behavior pay for these expenses. Often, the insurance company will pay both the claims of their insured and the claims submitted by their own insured policyholder. However, an insurance company will only pay up to the limit contained in the policy. If your expenses and losses exceed these limits, you may have to face these large bills and expenses yourself.

Insurance Didn't Cover My Medical Bills

Options When Insurance Benefits are Not Enough

If your costs outweigh the insurance benefits you received, someone must pay the difference. If your auto accident injuries are the result of another driver’s careless or reckless actions, they are liable for these costs. You may be within your rights to pursue a judgment for the balance against the at-fault driver.

If more than one careless person caused your accident, the parties may share liability. Each faulty party will pay compensation for your expenses proportion to each party’s degree of fault.

If the at-fault driver caused the wreck while driving as a part of his or her job duties, the driver’s employer may also be responsible. The employer may be brought into the lawsuit in many cases. Businesses generally have greater assets to satisfy any compensation award.

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