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Consider These 3 Things If You Want the Best Product Defect Lawyer

Every day, dangerous or defective products enter the stream of commerce. When these hazardous products land in the hands of consumers, the consequences can be devastating and serious injuries can occur. 

If a dangerous or defective product injures you, you will want a skilled and experienced product defect lawyer.

At Tawney, Acosta & Chaparro P.C., we have seasoned product defect lawyers available to help you with your product liability claim.

Our lawyers are passionate about the rights of victims and work hard to get each of their clients the justice and compensation they deserve after suffering an injury.

We hope you choose us to represent you in your product liability case. However, if you are out of our area or would like to go in a different direction, below, we provide information on how to find the best product defect lawyers.

When you consider these things in your research, you’ll have a better chance of selecting the right lawyer for you and your claim. 

In the following article, we discuss some product liability claims basics. We also review three factors to consider if you want the best product defect lawyer. If you have any questions about a product liability claim, do not hesitate to contact us today.

What Kind of Lawyer Handles Product Defects? 

What kind of lawyer handles product defects? A product liability attorney, or a product defect lawyer, is a type of personal injury attorney with experience dealing with defective product cases.

Product liability claims involve a specific kind of investigation and research different from other personal injury claims. Thus, you will want a personal injury attorney with specific knowledge and experience in product liability claims.  

A personal injury attorney who has experience in product liability claims will usually advertise their expertise in the area somewhere on their website or digital profile.

For example, our website has a page dedicated to product liability claims. We also outline the types of product liability cases we take because of our specific areas of experience and expertise. 

3 Things to Consider If You Want the Best Product Defect Lawyer

What makes a good defective products lawyer? You should consider the following three things when searching for a product defect lawyer. 

1. The Lawyer’s Experience with Product Liability Claims 

As mentioned, you need a lawyer with specific experience in bringing product liability claims. A lawyer with experience in product liability claims will usually advertise it on their website or digital profile.

However, if you have found a lawyer and you are uncertain if they have experience in product defect cases, it would be worthwhile to reach out to their office to ask if they take on those types of cases. You can also run a search online to see if they’ve appeared as an attorney for any cases involving product liability.

In addition to contacting the lawyer’s office directly, you can also use lawyer directories to search for lawyers who practice in a specific area of law, like product liability.

One helpful legal directory is SuperLawyers, which includes the top lawyers in your area who work in a specified field. For example, Tawney, Acosta & Chaparro P.C.’s lawyers have been recognized as Super Lawyers

2. The Attorney’s Online Reviews 

Online reviews are also helpful when searching for the best product liability lawyers. Online reviews written by former clients allow future clients to learn what it is like to work with that lawyer. These reviews give insight into the lawyer’s reputation, qualifications, and style. 

 The more positive reviews a lawyer has, the more confident you will feel about that attorney’s skills and abilities. For example, Tawney, Acosta & Chaparro P.C. has a client testimonials page where you can learn directly from our clients about their experiences.

Also, if a lawyer has little to no reviews, this may be concerning because of their lack of experience. Most certainly, you’ll want to avoid attorneys with many negative reviews.

3. The Communication Skills of the Lawyer

The best lawyers are also great communicators. When you hire a lawyer, you never want to feel like you are being left out of the conversation or feel like they are not listening to you.

Great lawyers will make you feel heard. They will also update you on your case’s status and promptly respond to your calls or emails. To get a feel for a lawyer’s communication skills, you can schedule a consultation with them to talk about your potential case. 

What Makes a Product Defect Lawyer Right for Me?

What makes a product defect lawyer right for me? The right product defect attorney for you is a personal decision that should be based on your legal needs and preferences. The right product defect lawyer will make you feel comfortable working with them.

You should be comfortable with their communication style and responsiveness. The right lawyer will also be proficient in product liability claims, and they will have the necessary qualifications to represent you in your matter. 

How to Sue a Company for a Bad Product 

How to sue a company for a bad product. If a dangerous or defective product injures you, you likely have a legal claim against the company that manufactured, distributed, or sold the product.

A lawyer can help you file a legal claim against the party or parties responsible. They can also help you seek compensation for your injuries and losses. 

When preparing to sue a company for a defective product, you will want to: 

  • Gather evidence, including documentation of the injury; 
  • Collect receipts for related expenses; 
  • Stop using the product;
  • Research the product and where it came from; and 
  • Contact a lawyer who can help you bring your legal claim.

Once you have done the above, your lawyer will help you follow the proper legal procedures to file a claim. 

However, it is also important to note that every product liability case has a statute of limitations. You may be completely barred from recovery if you do not file your claim within the statutory period.

The statute of limitations in New Mexico for this type of claim is three years. Thus, you should reach out to a lawyer as soon as possible. 

Tawney, Acosta & Chaparro P.C. Is Here to Help 

At Tawney, Acosta & Chaparro P.C., we understand that dangerous and defective products can lead to injuries that harm you and your family. The emotional, physical, and financial consequences of these injuries can be extremely stressful, but our lawyers are here to help you. 

If you choose Tawney, Acosta & Chaparro P.C., we promise to do the hard work for you so that you can focus on recovering from your injuries. Further, we work on a contingent basis, meaning you don’t have to pay us until you recover compensation.

To schedule a free consultation, you can contact our office today. 

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